Magic Towers Solitaire Free Online – One of the Most Popular Online Games

Magic Towers Solitaire is one of the most popular online solitaire games. With its six different playing levels, you can win huge sums of money in this game. Here, a player has to collect all the tiles and put them in a tower. When the player has enough number of tiles he gets to select any piece from his hand to place it in the tower and wins the game.

magic towers solitaire free online

The player has to stack the tower with the pieces in the right way so that it goes straight from the top to the bottom. A wrong placement will result in breaking the tower. Different levels help the player to get the best possible score. At the first level, the player starts off with ten points. As the player moves on to the next level, he gets more points for every tile which he places into the tower.

In Magic Towers Solitaire free online, players are provided with all the necessary instructions on how to play the game. There are quite a few free trial versions available online. To play online, a player needs to download and install the game onto his PC.

Some of the free trial versions have very basic features. This makes it very difficult for a beginner to succeed. However, you can enjoy the game for quite some time by downloading a version which has all the options and features you want. Magic Towers Solitaire Free Online has numerous items to play with.

The free online version of Magic Towers Solitaire has full color version as well. The graphics are good enough to keep you hooked for long. You can select between the two versions.

All you need to do is to click on the download button, and then start playing online. Although, this type of online game has only a limited player base, yet there are many websites that allow you to play this version for free.

There are quite a few strategies that will allow you to continue playing the free online version of Magic Towers Solitaire for a long time. You need to learn how to use your cards efficiently. There are several forums online that allow you to learn more about the game.